Why We Meet

Meditation & Mindfulness

Through the practice of meditation and mindfulness we have the opportunity to be fully alive in the present moment. We spend so much of our lives making plans for the future or dwelling in the past that we miss much of our life as it is happening. The energy that is used in mediation is mindfulness, to look deeply is to use mindfulness to look into the heart of things in order to see their true nature. With mindfulness we can be in touch with the world around us, with our feelings and our emotions as they arise.  


By looking deeply, we gain insight, or wisdom. This insight helps to learn better ways of dealing with life's difficulties. It can liberate us from our suffering. Through the meditation process, internal blocks of suffering such as fear, anger, despair and hatred can be transformed. We become aware of what is inside us and around us; we are fresher, more alive and more joyful in our daily existence. As we become freer and happier, we cease to act in ways that make ourselves or others suffer.  


A Sangha is a meditation community, a joyful, welcoming place of support and non judgement. In the Sangha we are there to support each other. The group energy of a Sangha is very helpful.  You can also learn a great deal from individual members of the Sangha, especially those who have realised some degree of peace and transformation. There are many things you may find difficult to do when alone, but in the presence of the Sangha you can do them easily.

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