Events Schedule

We meet every Tuesday from 7.00 pm until 8.30 pm. Newcomers are welcome.

Our program is not fixed and we try to mix it up to add some variety. There's usually a sitting meditation and a walking meditation. Sometimes we'll watch or listen to a teaching or we'll read about different mindfulness practices. We also like to have some songs. There are explanations and guidance for those who are new. We also have a sharing where we can listen to other's experiences about their practice. There's no obligation to share. It's fine just to listen. On occasions we will share a tea and a meal mindfully as part of our practice.

Typical Program

  • 0:00   15'   Silent Sitting Meditation
  • 0:15   05'   Song/Chant:
  • 0:40   05'   Understanding the Practice: Walking Meditation (Happiness p.18)
  • 0:45   15'   Walking Meditation
  • 1:00   20'   Guided Meditation: The Blooming of a Lotus (Ch.1, Ex.3)
  • 1:20   20'   Dharma Sharing
  • 1:40   05'   Song/Chant: 
  • 1:45   00'   End